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  • Keyword: the top search field adds keywords to your search.
  • Filters: on the right part of the screen, an extensive set of filters allows a specialized search based on criteria based on the history of the book.

The selection of keywords and filters allows you to narrow-down the number of results.

Keywords or filters can be removed using the "breadcrumb" X symbol.

The results are sorted by Relevance. You can order by Title or Doc Date (date of the original document represented in the record). Moreover, results can be ordered in ascending or descending order.

Relevance is determined by a mix of factors, like the position of the keyword, how many time it appears, if it's an exact match or a similar word.
For this reason, there is no ascending/descending order if you only select a filter for your search.


If you mistype a keyword (which would probably get you 0 results), our super-clever search engine will suggest the closest word that does appear in the database. That should be enough to put you back on track.

If you type a keyword that is also represented in the filters, our super-kind search engine will suggest to use that filter. In fact, most of the time, you'll get more accurate results by using the filters instead of the corresponding keyword.