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We're a small, smart team with a lot of heart and a great deal of experience as distributors of fine facsimiles (we love them too). And this website is our greatest effort to help you in your search for beautiful editions.

Is it really just the two of you?

Giovanni and Giulia are the core of a small,
yet mighty team behind Facsimile Finder

About Facsimile Finder

Both share a deep love and understanding of manuscripts and facsimiles, and have years of experience in the publishing and distribution fields.

It's the perfect example of how a small, caring team can be so much more!

Giovanni is the front man of Facsimile Finder, incurably in love with his customers!

He's passionate about technology and customer care.

His love for technology drove him to invest a lot of time and resources in building Facsimile Finder for his customers. As for customer care... well, if you are his customer, you just know what it means. Every single idea that pops in his mind is about making customers' life easier.

You'll meet him at conferences, you'll talk to him on the phone and he's the one answering your emails.

Oh, he's also a former double-bass player and drummer. If you are curious, you may have a peek at this part of his life (and his great German bow).

Giulia's greatest strength is that she's just down-to-earth when it's time to find the best way to run the company

Giulia graduated with honors in Modern Literature from the University of Bologna, with a dissertation regarding "Women in the Middle Ages". This era has always been of passionate interest to her, particularly the ancient texts and literature.

She likes writing her beloved blog "Bookplate" and keeping her readers updated about news, events and information concerning illuminated manuscripts.

In her spare time, she likes to explore the streets of her adopted hometown, spending time outdoors with her children, listening to music together, painting, sewing, dancing, and whatever they fancy!

Quote that best describes her?

When we read, we are not looking for new ideas, but to see our own thoughts given the seal of confirmation on the printed page. The words that strike us are those that awake an echo in a zone we have already made our own—the place where we live—and the vibration enables us to find fresh starting points within ourselves.

Il Mestiere di Vivere, C. Pavese

Facsimile Finder wouldn't be this great without the invaluable contribution of Christian, Eleonora, Giacomo, and Clara

Christian is our technical/marketing/strategy superhero. His broad and deep knowledge of marketing and software development (and design!) makes him an invaluable figure in Facsimile Finder. He also knows that if he resigns, we're going to have to have him killed soon after.

Eleonora (MA in Palaeography) is our Manuscript Specialist. She oversees all textual contents of and is currently working on making our catalog top-notch in terms of accuracy and reliability. With Eleonora, you can forget out-of-date information on manuscript facsimiles!

Giacomo is our official photographer. With a background in industrial design, he devised and built a brilliant system to shoot facsimiles and obtain realistic images: it’s now even easier for you to choose what to buy! He is (also!) head of technical services at Pazzini Editore, a printing house specializing in facsimiles and art books.

Clara is our supremely efficient office manager. She runs the office and its daily functions, takes care of orders, shipments, and invoices. Her help and support are so indispensable to the rest of the team, that we can’t imagine Facsimile Finder without her!

What we do

Facsimile Finder is the perfect supplier when you need a facsimile edition!

  1. we are able to supply all the facsimiles directly from all the active publishers
  2. we are able to locate and supply "like-new" copies of editions sold out by the publishers
  3. we keep you updated on new editions and we work deals with publishers so YOU save money on valuable editions.

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