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3 Simple Ways to Find the Perfect Edition for You

Search on, using 3 different smart approaches

Your Word first


Start with a keyword in our search bar; then refine using our clever filters geared to the History of Illumination.

Pick a Price... Any Price

Price matcher

Our Price Matcher Tool is a huge help for limited budgets! Enter your amount and Facsimile Finder returns the most recent titles (before the price goes up) and special offers first, giving you the best value for your money.

Browse with your Fantasy


Choose a theme, a style, or a country and you're good to go! The Browse section is perfect to let your imagination run wild and stumble upon new inspirations.

Is this the one?

We'll smash all your doubts on historical and bibliographic information

One view for all you need

All the information you might dream of are conveniently placed in plain view.
A short Codicology box gives you an overview on the essential historical details.
A longer Description tells you the compelling story of the manuscript.
What about Shelfmarks? We got you covered! Top of the page, just under the title.

They say it's unique

They say it's unique, but sometimes you get more versions of the same facsimile.
With our smart layout, you'll get the complete picture of what has been printed in the last years.
Get the Basic Information in the small box (Publisher, year of publication, commentary authors), and then drill down with the View More Versions button.

Those gorgeous photos

Our hand-on approach will show you realistic photos of the real facsimile edition. Look out for the "Photo by Facsimile Finder" label: that's a photo we've taken for you, to demonstrate how the facsimile really looks. In all other cases, you'll know if it's a "Publisher" photo, or a picture of the original manuscript.

We'll crush all your doubts on historical and bibliographic information

Each facsimile edition comes with a detailed description of the original manuscript's historical information, and of its modern replica(s).

The Chosen One

Once you've found the perfect edition, grab it and never let it go!


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When You Wish Upon a Facsimile

Spend some time dreaming about how you'd like to build your collection and save all your findings on your personal Wish List. It makes planning for the future a snap!


Print, Download, Share

Want to print and share information? Check out the PDF white-papers packed with details on the editions (prices, too!), our handy EndNote export function, and the super cool built-in tool to forward information to your friends (use it to recommend an acquisition to your librarian!).


Feel confindent about your choice

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